Atsu Kpotufe

LOCATION: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park


As I observe the world around me, I often notice our many wasted opportunities to make things beautiful. Our built environment can receive better consideration, as opposed to design decisions being influenced by economics, and I dream of a world in which beauty is the number one priority. Not beauty for beauty’s sake; but beauty within functionality, elegance with consideration for how the things around us affect our quality of life. This is why I create.

Owens + Crawley

LOCATION: Athenaeum


Complementary. If one word had to be chosen to describe the collaborative works of Quincy Owens and Luke Crawley it would be complementary. Quincy creates abstract work out of a spontaneous spirit-filled place that taps into a universal human connection for years. Luke deliberately dissects, analyzes and categorizes segments of sound, light and/or visual elements to quantify in order to rearrange them into new, well thought-out systems. Both artists work from different realms of the mind providing part of the complete existence of human reality.

LaShawnda Crowe Storm

LOCATION: Riverside Park


If life were a photo, then my artwork would be the film negative, seeking to explore those aspects in our society that have been ignored or forgotten such as history, lynching, misogyny, slavery, and suicide. By printing these forgotten negatives, I give voice to the marginalized and disregarded aspects of our society.

Project One Studio



Project One is a digital design / fabrication studio, founded by Adam Buente and Kyle Perry. They are focused on incorporating parametric software, CNC technology, and reactive systems in their work. Their varying skill sets and flexibility have produced projects at a variety of scales and with a wide range of materials. Their process remains connected and fluid, producing highly detailed end products as they engage the work from start to finish.

Stuart Hyatt and S+Ca

LOCATION: Horizon House


My creative work is interdisciplinary, collaborative, and incorporates a wide range of media. It is mostly project-based and outcomes-focused, embracing individual narratives and community identity in equal measure to beauty, form, and function. The end products follow rigorous conceptual frameworks yet present themselves through simple and accessible pop and folk aesthetics.

Brian McCutcheon

LOCATION: Monument Circle

INSTALLATION DATE: August 2015 - September 2019

Indianapolis-based conceptual artist Brian McCutcheon uses video, photography, and sculpture to explore the relationships between play and masculinity. He will follow an idea rather than using a signature technique or image and often represents them with different methods. This necessarily directs him to follow a path of learning, both in concept development and material usage for every project.

Brose Partington

LOCATION: City Market

INSTALLATION DATE: August 2015-August 2019

I have been particularly interested in motion because of the way it gives a sense of time, creates an unpredictable pattern, and demonstrates a history of growth or destruction. I have represented my ideas about movement through the use of motors, electronics, and the mechanisms I develop.

Eric Nordgulen

LOCATION: Southeast Corridor of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail

INSTALLATION DATE: August 2015-August 2019

As an artist I work in the service sector. I transform and rebuild familiar objects so that new questions can emerge relating to what I see and what I know. When an object is both new and familiar, there is an opportunity to reconsider one’s relationship to the world as we know it.

Katie Hudnall

LOCATION: Eskenazi Health

INSTALLATION DATE: August 2015-August 2019

Building larger furniture and furniture-like objects from small, rough, discarded bits of wood, I sketch pieces together. There’s intensity and an odd sense of worth in something that has been cobbled together from smaller parts. I don’t hide the connections, and I leave traces of attempts and failures to make something work-an odd map of the logic and processes used to assemble the piece.

Kimberly McNeelan

LOCATION: White River State Park

INSTALLATION DATE: November 2015 - August 2019

Through ecologically minded processes, forms, and materials, Kimberly seeks to convey the importance of harmony in nature and society. Quality craftsmanship and the use of properly harvested and reclaimed wood promotes sustainable living. The forms used in her functional furniture are direct representations of the natural world and bring the playfulness of nature into everyday utilitarian objects.