LaShawnda Crowe Storm

Play Station at Riverside Park


Play Station is a mobile library for children. Play Station is constructed of 3 icons of childhood play—a Radio Flyer Red Wagon, Legos, and a chalkboard. Constructed from bright primary colors, Play Station is inviting and playful and can easily take a child’s mind off their circumstances for a short while. Approximately 36 ” x 17 ” x 48″, the entire library is constructed on an actual Radio Flyer Wagon as its base. The portion of the bookcase holding the books is covered in Legos and allows children to use the actual bookcase as a plate to build directly onto the actual bookcase as they play. The backside of the library is a chalkboard and serves as a drawing and writing surface for the children. The bottom of the library contains 3 baskets, which hold extra Legos to use on the actual bookcase, as well as chalk and other art supplies. The top two shelves of the library contain the actual books.

Play Station, 2015

Mixed media
48 x 39 x 17 inches

About the Artist

LaShawnda Crowe Storm is a mixed media artist, activist, community builder, urban farmer, and occasional chicken wrangler. She uses her creative power as a vehicle for dialogue, social change, and healing. Her series, The Lynch Quilts Project, has engaged hundreds of quilt-makers and viewers; the project was featured in the May 2013 issue of ESSENCE magazine. At the core of Crowe Storm’s creative practice is a desire to create community in which the process of making art creates a space and place for difficult conversations, around topics ranging from historical violence to gender empowerment.




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