Eric Nordgulen

Topiary at Indianapolis Cultural Trail


I wanted to design a sculpture that would draw attention to books, the importance of literacy and outreach, and the book sharing system. The sculpture is a series of linear vine forms that suggest growth and development, a kind of topiary composition that wraps around an existing planted garden space on the trail. Thus, these sculpture forms emerge from the garden space and suggest that reading is another form of growth.

Topiary, 2015

Painted steel, acrylic plastic
45 feet

About the Artist

Nordgulen is a sculptor and educator who sees his work as a means to explore one’s relationship to his or her surroundings.

“I use my work to generate physical questions that allow one to rethink their position based on what they see and what they know.”



August 2015-August 2019


Southeast Corridor of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail

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