Atsu Kpotufe

The Mind Sails at Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Park

Project Description:

Books take the mind on a journey. As we become immersed in the story within a book, we embark on a journey that is an intricate collaboration between what the words suggest and what our minds imagine. Books have also inspired some of the biggest discoveries in human history, including the discovery of the land we today call home.

The conceptual approach for this book share station is based on the idea of the journey, that it may be to some unknown imaginary land or into the depths of scientific discovery. The concept is reflected in the sculpture through the use of a pair of boat sails jutting out of the ground, angled as if taking off out from underground. The two sails have the container for the books sandwiched between them to create a single sculptural unit. For the viewer who happens onto white sails coming out from below the grass, this creates immediate intrigue. This effect is heightened by the contrast of the white finish on the sails against the greenscape of the park’s turf.


The Mind Sails, 2019

Foam, fiberglass, plexiglass

30 x 30 feet



About the Artist

Originally from West Africa, Atsu Kpotufe’s artwork is displayed around Indianapolis. Kpotufe is a seasoned painter and furniture maker who draws inspiration from graphic design and architectural lenses. His work can be seen at the ABC School of Applied Behavior, and inside the NCAA Hall of Champions.




Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park

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